Odour Control Technician OCT (IICRC Certification)

$445.00 incl. GST


Instructor: Jason Twigg

The IICRC OCT Odour Control Technician class is designed to teach cleaning and restoration technicians the knowledge and specialised skills to control and eradicate odours from a variety of industry sources – Join us for this 1-day class that is packed with information and education!

Our instructor will use simple explanations, case studies and real life experience as a cleaner and restorer in and hands on and fun learning environment,  to provide the education needed to understand the proper procedures of odour control

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Topics will include:

  • The science of odours, are they all real?
  • Health & safety protocols
  • Personal protective equipment and gas and particle monitors
  • Inspection & assessment techniques
  • Cleaning & deodorization practices
  • Fire damage, cannabis residue,  soot, char, new carpet odors, Refrigerator / Freezer power failures, tear gas, drug lab odours, tobacco, urine, sewage, mould, putrefaction and decomposition, dog, cat and wild animal urine saturation.
  • Tools & Equipment thermal and wet fogging, ozone, hydroxyl, vapour diffusion, air filtration and carbon filters,  How to safely use specialty restoration and requires steps to take
  • Deodorisation chemicals for masking, pairing and elimination, enzymes, granules and gels practices, supplies
  • Liability protection
  • Safety data sheets (SDS) what are they and how to understand them in accordance with state law
  • Client communication – How to qualify odour problems.


Here’s a video from IICRC on this course: